Copper is fluid in anhui science and technology co., LTD(The original anhui copper is valve co., LTD)Was founded1993Years,Passing by20Years of struggle,2015Years4New three board on successful login(Stock code:832250),Has now developed into the valve and water treatment equipment research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Mechanical and electrical equipment integration、Project total package and water project investment operations in a national high-tech enterprises。 The company's registered capital10298.6Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area248m。The specialty is engaged in the research and development、Production、Sales of all kinds of high school low pressure valve、Butterfly valve、The check valve、Globe valve、Ball valve、Basins pressure regulating valve、Hydraulic control valve、Expansion,The gate、Opening and closing machine、Weir door、Grille decontamination machine and other fluid control and environmental protection of hydraulic equipment,Can fully satisfy the customer“一站式”Procurement requirements。Company is currently the domestic can also produce large caliberDN2200The gate valve、Knife gate valve、DN2000Half of an eccentric valve、DN2000Flow control valve、DN4000Butterfly valve and6m6mThe manufacturer of cast iron gate。The company also has a mechanical and electrical engineering construction…【To view more】